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Accruit CEO Brent Abrahm Featured in Denver Business Journal

Accruit CEO Brent Abrahm is one of Denver's People on the Move, according to the Denver Business Journal. A recent article highlights Abrahm's appointment to the Board of Directors for Colorado Succeeds, a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving the state's education system for workforce development and economic growth.

"It is critical that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace. As Accruit continues to grow, we understand how imperative it is that Colorado’s graduating students are workforce-ready and can compete on an international level”, said Abrahm, when asked about why he accepted an appointment to the board of directors of Colorado Succeeds.

Steve Chacon & Brent Abrahm to Speak at the Federation of Exchange Accommodators' Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting

The Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting is bening held in Denver, CO on June 6th.

Steve Chacon, Accruit's Senior Managing Director and FEA Treasurer, will discuss related party exchanges as well as the exceptions allowed in recent Rev. Proc. 2014-3.

Brent Abrahm to Speak at The American Bar Association's Seminar: 1031 Exchanges for the Agriculture Industry

This seminar will provide an overview of the evolution of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code and regulations, basic 1031 exchange concepts and recurring problem areas in exchange transactions. The presentation will also include a discussion of reverse property exchanges and the special issues inherent in those transactions, The focus will be on property exchanges in the agricultural business sector and will conclude with a summary of the current treatment of Section 1031 exchanges as part of the pending Congressional and Administration Tax Reform proposals.

For more information or to register to attend the 90-minute live webinar, click to view the event flyer:

Marty Edwards Speaks at Like-Kind Exchanges of Real Estate Seminar

Marty Edwards was an invited speaker at a daylong seminar May 7, 2014 on 1031 like-kind exchanges of real estate in Naperville, Illinois sponsored by Lorman Education Services, a national leader in continuing education programs. Marty spoke on the subjects of Exchange Structures & Formats and Identifying Common Problems in Exchanging & How to Avoid Them.

Take a look at Marty’s attached presentations.

Understanding a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange of Real Estate: Part III

Accruit's clients have significantly increased their cash flow utilizing 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges for both real estate and personal property. We hope you enjoy Part III, which concludes our series on Understanding Tax Deferred Exchanges of Real Estate.

1st Quarter 2013 Newsletter - Focusing on Like-Kind Exchanges in 2013

In this Issue:

- President's Pen
- Industry Spotlight: More Trucking Companies Joining the 1031 LKE Cash Flow Convoy
- Accruit News: Melissa Salazar promoted to VP of Finance
- JBR Corner: Like-Kind Exchange Update on IRS Activity - Dual Use Property Issues
- North Star Deferred Exchange LLC: Understanding a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange of Real Estate
- Top 5 List: Snowfall
- What Does the Expiration of Temporary Unlimited FDIC Insurance Coverage for Noninterest-Bearing Transaction Accounts Mean for You?
- Accruit in Action

October 2012 Newsletter - Effective Cash Flow Strategies Are More Critical Than Ever

In this Issue:

- President's Pen
- Reverse Like-Kind Exchanges
- North Star Deferred Exchange LLC: Understanding Tax Deferred Exchanges of Real Estate
- Top 5 List: All-Time Winning NFL Franchises
- Accruit in Action

June 2012 Newsletter - Ready or Not, Summer is Here

In this Issue:

- President's Pen
- JBR Corner
- Top 5 of the Month
- Industry Spotlight
- Accruit News

Case Study - Single Exchange: Janssen Brothers Engineering and Construction

Janssen Brothers Engineering and Construction (JBEC) is a large, top-rated contracting firm based in the Midwest. They routinely buy and sell a variety of heavy equipment in the course of business.

The Problem

In 2009 JBEC decided to move several older cranes and to purchase a new model from a local dealership. The existing cranes were fully depreciated for tax purposes, and the company anticipated a hefty tax bill upon sale.

The Accruit Solution

JBEC, which had conducted several single exchanges in the past, consulted with its Accruit Client Service Manager and learned that its plans represented a very simple straightforward 1031 exchange. The CSM helped them structure the exchange, at which time they sold the relinquished assets (four Grove RT series and one Grove TMS series) at a Ritchie Bros. auction.

Accruit & EnergyNet Webinar - Acquiring and Divesting Oil and Gas Properties Utilizing a 1031 Like-Kind Exchange (LKE)

Watch the webinar given by Accruit and EnergyNet regarding divesting oil and gas properties while utilizing a powerful tax strategy - the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange (LKE).  The video contains four parts, be sure to watch them all!

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