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Case Study: Grand Mesa Equipment

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Primary Concern
Grand Mesa Equipment (GME) consistently maintains a positive income position and, due to consistent turnover in its rental fleet, is burdened with a substantial tax liability on the sale of these assets.

GME's leadership was presented with a strategic acquisition opportunity. As a result, an improved cash position became very important in helping them meet their business objectives. GME's tax department estimated that by implementing an LKE program, the company would realize a substantial increase of its available cash, meaning it could complete its acquisition without taking on further debt. However, after investigating the complexity involved in managing an LKE program (as well as the need to add head count to administer it internally), GME was on the verge of walking away from 1031s for good.

The highest level of financial and data security available

It's no surprise that people are concerned about security these days. We've all seen the stories - from ponzi schemes to hackers to highly publicized business failures - so it makes sense that individuals and business would want to make sure their valuable financial and information assets are being safeguarded by the most reliable processes available. At Accruit we hear these questions and we welcome them because we have no higher priority than the security of our clients’ funds and data.

Lending Issues for 1031 Exchanges

February 2007

Many issues with lending can create unplanned legal or tax consequences and at times may prohibit a mortgage from being funded at closing.

These TIC purchases often require commercial bank lending. For a 100% tax deferred exchange, the exchanger needs to make sure that all of the net proceeds from the sale of their old property are utilized for the TIC purchase. Additionally, any mortgage debt paid off from the sale of their old property must be replaced. Many of the commercial lenders for these TIC purchases require the bank lending be made to a Delaware LLC entity. This creates the requirement for the 1031 exchanger to have a single member LLC for each party of the exchange.

Check out the following lending issues prior to your 1031 exchange transaction:

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