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Succeeds Prize to Award $100,000 to Colorado Educators

Accruit is proud to help underwrite The Succeeds Prize, which tonight will recognize and reward educators doing extraordinary work across Colorado with more than $100,000 in cash prizes. The Succeeds Prize is a partnership between Colorado Succeeds and 9NEWS/KUSA. and tonight's inaugural event will be co-hosted by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Lt. Governor Donna Lynne. Accruit CEO Brent Abrahm is co-chair of the Colorado Succeeds Board of Directors

Accruit Expands Brand Identity

Accruit, LLC, a leading provider of like-kind exchange and special member services, today launched a brand redesign reflecting the company's transition from a qualified intermediary to a diversified financial technology (FinTech) service provider.

1031 Exchanges on the Commercial Real Estate Show

In this episode of The Commercial Real Estate Show, Michael Bull speaks with a panel of experts about tax reform and the likelihood of repeal of 1031 like-kind exchanges from the tax code. Michael is joined by:

FEA 2017 Annual Conference

We're looking forward to joining other Federation of Exchange Accommodator (FEA) members in San Diego to discuss issues relevant to like-kind exchanges and the 1031 industry at the FEA's annual conference from September 13-15.

Land Title Association of Colorado (LTAC) Convention

On September 6-8, Accruit Vice President Steve Chacon will attend the annual convention of the Land Title Association of Colorado (LTAC), a partnership of professionals working to bring Colorado title industry issues to the forefront. The convention takes place in Beaver Creek, where Steve will be available to LTAC members with information on a variety of like-kind exchange and escrow services.

SIM Women Summer Conference

On August 25th, Accruit President and COO Karen Kemerling will be attending the SIM Women Colorado's summer conference to provide support and mentorship for women in technology. "Technology is my passion, and I believe it is our future. I am very excited to encourage and support women to take on technical roles where they can provide much needed diversity leading to better creative problem-solving and innovation, which every business needs."

Like-Kind Exchange News Round-Up, June 29 – July 11

What brings farmers, small business owners, and legislators together to speak out about tax reform? Like-kind exchanges do.

In this week's round-up of 1031 news, Judd Vande Voorte, a fifth generation farmer, calls like-kind exchanges "a continuous circle of economic stimulus and liquidity" and cites a recent study showing that like-kind exchange repeal would shrink overall U.S. GDP by $61 billion to $131 billion over the next ten years. Ben Mattlin, in his Financial Advisor article, quotes one estimate that shows like-kind exchange repeal could raise $41 billion in tax revenue within 10 years but is also quick to point out the long-term negative consequences to the U.S. economy. Carrie Roider, CEO of Erb Equipment, a John Deere distributor, calls like-kind exchanges "a win-win for the country." And don't miss Representative Steve Stivers' support of like-kind exchanges in The Hill.

Representative Steve Stivers Calls for Preservation of Like-Kind Exchanges

In an op-ed in The Hill, Representative Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) called for the preservation of 1031 like-kind exchanges. Stivers, a member of the Financial Services Committee, called Section 1031 an "important tax benefit," citing the tax provision's value to the community and the economy and stating the importance that it be kept out of the crosshairs of tax reform.

Like-Kind Exchange News Round-Up, June 18 – June 24

Last week we heard a chorus of voices from around the web urging the preservation of like-kind exchanges in any forthcoming tax reform. Graniterock CFO Steve Snodgrass characterized the unprecedented cross-industry support this way: "Rarely do the interests of small businesses owners, construction equipment intensive businesses and a broad range of local entrepreneurs agree with almost a century of federal income tax policy — especially when it results in billions of dollars in taxes being paid. But fortunately for the economy, they do."

Bloomberg BNA Report Addresses Farmer Concerns over Tax Reform

It is unclear where like-kind exchanges stand in forthcoming tax reform, but any tax plan that attempts to replace like-kind exchanges with immediate-expensing would create a big gap for taxpayers significantly invested in land assets since the immediate-expensing provision in the House Republican tax reform blueprint doesn't apply to land. This Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report from June 1, 2017 examines the particular plight of farmers in this scenario, for whom such a plan would be disastrous.

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