Like-Kind Exchange News Round-Up, June 29 – July 11

What brings farmers, small business owners, and legislators together to speak out about tax reform? Like-kind exchanges do.

In this week's round-up of 1031 news, Judd Vande Voorte, a fifth generation farmer, calls like-kind exchanges "a continuous circle of economic stimulus and liquidity" and cites a recent study showing that like-kind exchange repeal would shrink overall U.S. GDP by $61 billion to $131 billion over the next ten years. Ben Mattlin, in his Financial Advisor article, quotes one estimate that shows like-kind exchange repeal could raise $41 billion in tax revenue within 10 years but is also quick to point out the long-term negative consequences to the U.S. economy. Carrie Roider, CEO of Erb Equipment, a John Deere distributor, calls like-kind exchanges "a win-win for the country." And don't miss Representative Steve Stivers' support of like-kind exchanges in The Hill.

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