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Questions you should ask a 1031 exchange provider before you enter an agreement

There are hundreds of 1031 like-kind exchange providers in the US, and any business looking to do LKEs, whether it's one single exchange or a huge program, is advised to ask a lot of questions to make sure they've found the best provider for their requirements. Some of these questions are probably obvious to any experienced businessperson. You're looking for a business with expertise in your industry (if you're exchanging heavy equipment, a qualified intermediary [QI] that has only done real estate is probably not the right choice), for example. If you're going to be conducting more complex exchanges (reverse, improvement or full programs) then you're looking for a larger, more sophisticated provider. You'll want to know about the firm's client service program, as well.

America's looming macro-succession crisis: Boomers, Xers, Millennials and the future of your workplace

I was recently re-reading a Seattle Times story from a couple years back on how men in their 30s are earning less than their fathers did. An interesting story top to bottom, but the concluding section drew me back around to something that I really haven't talked about enough lately - the looming generational macro-succession nightmare facing corporate America. It's impossible to say precisely how many businesses are going to feel the bite - or already are - but my best guess is somewhere between "many" and "most."

This part you may have heard before:

Diehard careerist baby boomers also might partly explain the inability of 30-something men to move up the income ladder as quickly as their fathers. From the moment Generation Xers entered the workplace, boomers have been the "ceiling" blocking their way up the income ladder, said Peter Rose, a partner with marketing-research company Yankelovich in Los Angeles.

Have a look at the new Accruit/Network International partnership page

In November we announced that Accruit has partnered with Network International and will serve as their exclusive provider of 1031 like-kind exchange services. For those unfamiliar with Network International or with how our two companies might work together for the benefit of our clients, we have now launched a new partnership page that answers a lot of your questions. For instance:

- What are the partnership's benefits?
- Why Network International?
- How do Network International's services benefit buyers in the energy industries? Sellers?

Visit Accruit at Playmakers in Houston

The rescheduled PLS Playmakers Symposium will be held this Wednesday (Dec. 2) at the Hilton Americas Downtown in Houston, and Accruit hopes to see you there.

Dan Belger, Accruit's VP of Sales, will be hosting and moderating the Resource Plays Game Plan session, featuring Nikolai Lyngo, VP of North American Business Development with Statoil; and Frank Lodzinski, President of GeoResources, Inc.

Network International and Accruit strike exclusive provider partnership

- Maximizing return, minimizing headache: new alliance provides energy businesses with efficient access to powerful cash flow strategy

(Denver CO) - The contemporary marketplace is flooded with businesses providing a broad array of valuable services, but tightening budgets and shrinking staffs have put a premium on efficiency and synergy. So the ultimate value arises when industry-leading businesses team up to provide their clients with one-stop access to a variety of innovative and quality services.

Start Us Up USA campaign to stage demonstration on the National Mall in DC

The AED- and AEM-backed Start Us Up USA campaign, which we noted on the Exchange Blog last week, will stage a massive demonstration on the National Mall in Washington, DC this Wednesday to call lawmakers' attention to the state of the heavy equipment and construction industries, which the organization says are in a full-blown depression. According to a joint AED/AEM/Start Us Up USA release:

To make their point, equipment dealers, manufacturing representatives, labor leaders and others will stage a rally of the Start Us Up USA! campaign on the National Mall against a backdrop of idle construction equipment and surrounded by a sea of 5,500 orange flags - each one representing 100 jobs already lost in this industry. The equipment caravan, displaying Start Us Up USA! banners and waving orange flags, will parade the major streets surrounding the National Mall and Capitol Hill throughout mid-day after cruising past the campaign rally in progress.

PLS Playmakers conference rescheduled

The PLS Playmakers symposium, originally scheduled for this week, has been moved back to December 2. This Oil & Gas industry forum brings together executives from a wide range of industry-leading O&G enterprises, providing them with an opportunity to conference with the world's most important explorationists, land managers, legal advisors, service company professionals, investment advisors and capital providers.

Featured speakers this year include Bobby Tudor, Chairman & CEO of Tudor Pickering & Holt, LLC; Danny Weingeist, Co-Managing Partner of Kayne Anderson Energy Funds; John Weinzierl, Managing Director of Natural Gas Partners; and Brent Abrahm, President & CEO here at Accruit.

Construction and equipment industries in a depression? New site urges action

The state of the construction and equipment industries is worse than most people realize. According to a new project just launched by our partners, Associated Equipment Distributors:

While the country is in recession, the state of the construction and equipment industries is more like a depression, reflecting the worst conditions our industries have seen since the end of World War II. Skilled, well-paid workers are idle while we tolerate a transportation infrastructure that is ever more congested and increasingly unsafe.

Oil & Gas: 1031 exchange program generates massive cash flow and asset management benefit for energy industry giant IconX

IconX Energy* is one of the world's largest energy companies, providing customers around the globe with fuel for their automobiles, electricity for their homes and a wide range of petrochemical products for every phase of their lives. As with any large enterprise, IconX is constantly buying and selling large quantities of assets, and in the process, dealing with the complex tax implications of these activities.

The Problem

IconX had historically employed 1031 like-kind exchanges (LKEs) for real estate and leasehold transactions, but several years ago company executives learned that LKEs could also be used for non-real estate assets - vehicles, production/drilling equipment, even certain types of intangible assets (like mineral rights).

1031 exchanges for corporate and commercial real estate: case study illustrates effectiveness, efficiency and value

In some circles Accruit is known for the value it represents for businesses buying and selling "personal property" - that is, tangible, non-real estate assets. However, Accruit's patented 1031 process - the only patented like-kind-exchange (LKE) process in the nation* - provides our clients with a level of efficiency that other providers simply cannot match. So when we talk about maximizing your gain and minimizing your risk and administrative burden, we're talking about businesses buying and selling corporate and commercial real estate, too - no matter what industry they're in.
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