Accruit and commercial real estate 1031 exchanges

We've historically been known as the leader in personal property 1031 like-kind exchanges, but we want to make sure that everybody realizes Accruit's value for real estate 1031 exchanges, as well. The bottom line is this: the things that make us ideal for personal property exchanges - our patented 1031 exchange process (the only one of its kind in America), our outstanding one-to-one customer service, our uncompromising commitment to financial and data security - also apply to commercial real estate.

Technology & 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, part 1

If you read enough of the Accruit Web site, you'll notice that we talk a good bit about how technology plays an important role in the processing of successful 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges (LKEs). We obviously think this is an important reason to do business with us, but it's possible that some readers may want to know more about why a technology-driven process is so beneficial to them.

There are a number of ways in which a software-based process helps you, and addressing them all at once might be too much for one sitting. So let's call this part one of a series.

How do I know if my personal property exchange is like-kind?

If you've done a 1031 real estate like-kind exchange you know that the "like-kind" definition simply means investment real estate for investment real estate. For example, you can exchange a condo for a duplex, or a duplex for an apartment building, or a single family residence for bare land - you get the picture. But when it comes to "personal property" (the IRC term for tangible, non-real estate assets) the restrictions on what determines like-kind property narrow and can sometimes be a pain in the neck. For example, if you sell a light duty truck you can't replace it with a car, or can you?

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